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Mark Teng

Executive Director

T: +65 6305 4569
M: +65 9631 8291
E: mark@that.legal

Mark is driven by innovation. He is a visionary who approaches his work as THAT lawyer with an entrepreneurial mind.

Graduating from the National University of Singapore in 2011, Mark specialises in Intellectual Property (“IP”) and Technology Law.

He is a highly successful and formidable litigator who has both instigated and defended international IP disputes. He never runs from a fight and always seeks the elegant solution.

Mark is particularly passionate about developing IP law in Singapore. A high-profile success was Global Yellow Pages vs. Promedia Directories [2017] SGCA 28. The apex court case now stands as a leading authority for compilation copyright and the online database industry and it was also Singapore’s first fully paperless trial.

“Brands have become the most important strategic differentiator in global markets, but sadly, many brand owners lack the foresight and ability to unlock and monetise them.” 

Currently, Mark chairs the IP Enforcement Practice Sub-committee of the Law Society of Singapore.

An avid photographer, Mark appreciates creativity and understands the value of IP. He takes a personal interest in his clients’ matters and pursues practical and innovative legal solutions. For diversion Mark refines his golf swing, rides on his snowboard and tries to cook.

Media & Speaking Engagements:

  • Speaker at ‘Future Lawyering Conference’ by the Law Society of Singapore on “Use of legal technologies in court“

  • Speaker at the ‘5th developments in IP Law series – copyright session’ featuring preeminent speakers of Singapore IP

  • Speaker at IP Week 2017 – Ideas to assets – Driving the future economy with IP @ Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre on 'IP Enterprise Court’

  • Speaker at the Yerra Conference on ‘The use and abuse of electronic discovery' for in-house counsel for major Singapore companies

  • Industry feedback to the Ministry of Law’s public consultation on proposed reforms to the IP dispute resolution framework for the Law Society of Singapore

  • ‘Legal ramifications of the distribution of obscene materials’, Harpers Bazaar, Singapore

  • ‘The crossroads of compilation copyright and database protection’, The Copyright Lawyer, UK